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Neither a spear or a bow, it is called a bow lance. The Kit Fox Society had them as well as the Thunder Bow society and the Brave Hearts.

There were only 2 bearers per Tiyos’paye or family group. Several or more Tis’paye made up the particular band that one was born into. The mask is a horsemask. There are only 38 examples of them in museums around the world.

These type of leggings are pre 1850. “Blotahunka” (bah-LOW-tah-hoon-kah) a word that isn’t even used anymore. But it has great meaning. Blo today is the common word for potato. A long time ago, the word was used for “the farthest ridge in the distance. ‘ta’ means “his/hers” in this case, his, and hunka means to “make a relationship” .

The job of the blotahunka was to take scouts and patrol the perimeter of the encampment and make sure the people were safe from enemies. So, being on horseback so much, he literally “made a relationship with the furthest ridges in the distance”. It was his job to know the land intimately in case of attack.

Paint: Oil

Size (in inches): 22 x 28

Material: Canvas

Price: Sold. Please contact us for new release of giclees.